Are angelfish and gourami compatible

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    I purchased angelfish and put them in an isolation tank for a week. I had planned on moving them over to my 29gal tank tomorrow but read here that it is a problem with gouramis? I have 1 dwarf turquoise gourami in my main tank. Will they fight?
    Also has anyone had baloon mollies? Are they the same as a sailfin molly? I have one and find him very amusing-are they easy to breed? I purchased 2 more and have them also in my 10 gal isolation tank. Now I'm thinking maybe I should keep them there and try breeding them. I've never bred any fish but would like to try with an easy breed
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    Angels and Gouramis, my experiences say NO WAY. They rip at each other cuz of the fins. Ballon mollies, do you have a M-F combo? 1 male to 3 females? The LFS has babies, so it must be easy....

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    I think it depends on the kind of gourami one has. I had a gold gourami and it fought constantly with my angels (and other fish). I now have a moonlight gourami and have had no problems at all. Some gourami's are aggressive and some are docile. Good luck
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    From what both of you are saying I'm not sure if the gourami and the angels are compatible. It's a dwarf turquoise gourami and it seems compatible with my other community fish- or is it the angels who would attack the gouami? I think I'll keep the angels separate until I hear from more people here on this board, Thanks
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    Can't help you with info on the gourami, but I do keep angels and they can be nasty to their own kind. Mine don't bother any of the other fish in the tank (many different species of small tetras & cory cats), but they are very testy with each other at times. Perhaps a small (dwarf) gourami might work, but a larger one might look too much like an angel fish to another angel fish. I came across a compatibility chart recently on the web. Go to this link and click on the top article called "Blue Sheets". It might give you some help. Then farther down the first page it has a whole series of articles on fish compatibility. HTH /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
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    can't help you with the angel/gourami thing, but I can tell you about the mollies.

    Balloon mollies aren't actual sailfins, but are rather a genetic defect accidently bred into the species a long time ago. They bred so quickly, and weren't very well received as a desirable fish, and as a result were often killed and used for fertilizer. Through some talkative owners who liked he species, the balloon molly became a popular tank fish. Sailfins are a naturally occuring species, but have also been bred to incorporate color as well as a higher dorsal fin. The same goes true for many of he sword/platys as well. The lyretail sword is also a bred/genetic defect fish and as a result many males are unable to breed. Their gonopodia (sp?) is too long and not strong enough, even though they are fertile. Basically... they are fish that could benefit from Viagra.

    Balloon mollies are a good fish, but what mike (snipa) said is true, you should have a 3-1 m/f ratio. They will breed even if the tank conditions aren't "perfect" but will usually like a pH of 7.2-7.5 and temp about 78-80 F. If you don't want breeding, keep all males or all females in odd numbers.

    If you do breed, here are some tips. Keep males and females together, no need to separate. Once they fry are born, if in an isolation/breeder tank, remove parents asap or they will eat the babies. If they are born in main tank, try to catch as many as possible if you want them to survive, or provide LOTS of hiding spots (fake plants, very small caves or holes)and place in a separate tank. Feed Livebearer fry liquid
    1 drop every 4hrs per 3 babies.

    Good Luck.. let us know how things are doing!!!!!


    ps to anyone- if anything I said is untrue.. please let me know.. /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif


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