can i put rocks from outside in my tank?

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    Is it safe to collect rocks from around your house to put them in your fish tank? is there anything special i have to do to them before i put them in? What rocks are good and what rocks are bad?
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    This is going to depend upon the type of rock you collect. Generally, if its quartz, shale or slate, it's safe. Other would be hard to say without first seeing them.
    If you do decide to use locally collected rock, wash them well. Do not boil or bake them as it MAY cause the rock to fracture or, in the worse case, explode, causing serious damage and/or injury.

    Frank M. Greco
    Professional Aquarist
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    In earlier post somebody suggested using white vinegar (the concentrated one) to find out if the rock may dissolve over time and thereby change the pH of the tank. If you put the vinegar on the rock and you see little bubbles, it means that it might affect the water.
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    if you're putting those rocks in that tank with the ray you mentioned owning make sure there are NO sharp edges on any of the rocks or they'll tear the poor thing right open (very soft and fragile underbellies)...
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    I have also heard that it is safe, as long as you clean the rocks well. I will put mine in a bucket of water with some bleach added over night. Then rinse really well. Then I boil them in water for about 30 minutes. May be overkill, but it makes me feel beter.

    I have done this with about 50 pounds of rocks (Not all at one time of course) and have not had any rocks explode on me when I boil them. This is rock that I got out of a river.

    Now I could see that some types of rock may crack or explode if they get very hot, but I have used river rock many times for firepits, so saw no danger in boiling them.

    I also do the vinegar test to see if the rock will desolve. If it fizzes. I don't put it in the tank.

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