Declawing freshwater crayfish

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    Ok, I'm on my 3rd freshwater crawdaddy! The first died of unnatural causes I'd rather leave unsaid, the second died during an ammonia spike in a cycling tank as it molted...and the third is doing fine so far /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

    I love these critters, but I don't like the fact that they consume about 1 fish daily and take nips out of everything in my tank from my 8" black ghost knife to my 11" rope fish...and the bettas might as well have bulls-eye targets on their heads...

    anyway, to my question. When i got this, my 3rd crayfish it had no claws. after molting for the second time this month its claws have grown to full size (LARGE!)

    What can be done to "de-claw" these things?

    I've seen them at several lfs w/o claws.
    Taking the advice of one store worker my roomate plucked off the claws herself with some scissors (see crayfish #1 above).

    Now I've come up with what I consider to be a brilliant idea...dry the claws and rubber cement or silicon glue them closed! does anyone think this would work?

    i can see some of you already complaining about this being a little cruel...but come on... the thing still has 8 legs, and 2 pairs of forearms/mandbiles...its not like its going to have a hard time defending itself from the guppies in my tank now.

    Do you think it would work?

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    u have been to grocery stores and looked inside the crabs ocntainers?
    try to get a big thck elastic, and put it on his claw,
    and make it tight so he can`t it off,
    simple as that and it isn`t hurting him really,
    i couldn`t see anyone eating him,
    accpet for the knife fish maybe,
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    well, the ghost knife is VERY VERY docile, I've never seen it nip at anything...I COULD see the rop eating it if it was really hungry, it ate a clown loach that was about 1.5-2" long....I wouldn't have believed it could eat it unless I sas it!!!

    I also thought about the elastics that you see on the crab/lobster claws...but the crayfish's claws are much smaller and they are actually fingers aren't nimble enough to wrap them in any type of elastic, plus elastic bands have a tendency to break when they are underwater for a period of time...

    By the way, so you all know, these crayfish are huge crowd pleasers....all of the ones I've had have done the same tricks! They love to climb up the brazilian swords and "parachute" as my friends call it, off of the top and onto unsuspecting fish (which it never manages to actually come that close to!)
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    You can remove the clws by simply pulling them off ar the second socket of their claw legs. It is comletly harmless since my two males rip eachothers clws off all the tim and they grow back. You always should leave one claw on so they can eat. (read it in a fish book)
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    Alright hannibal lecter, without trying to rip your mini lobster in two try getting those little rubber bands, like the kind you find on people that have braces. I think that might work, if not break out the scissors and get to snipping LOL
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    I took out the scissors to crayfish number 1 and he croaked within 8 hours...I'm not sure my two fembot roomies could handle the death of a pinchy #3!
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    Ok in case anyone cares to know,
    I used the rubber cement, it lasted for about a week...then he was back chopping at fish /infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif and got one of my discus tails pretty good /infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

    So! I cut off its thumbs with the scissors! and he's doing fine!
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    thats is sad to here that he got one of your discu`s tails,
    but it is a good thing you were able to chop of its thumb and not die like the first one,
    now you will have to do this again when he sheds

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