Enormous Swollen Fish Belly - Dropsy?

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    Hi everyone:

    I was just reading an old post (about the popeyed Molly) and realized that I had a fish that died of dropsy maybe?

    What is dropsy? My fish had this enormous swollen belly (it looked like it was going to burst any moment) for about a month, it would appear and then disappear the next day (making me feel like it was all better).

    Then yesterday, I fed my fish as usual and it had the swollen belly, but everything else was fine...all of a sudden an hour later I look in the tank and the enormous belly was POPPED open! ontop of some plants like in some horror movie! I think it must have happened quickly since it was lying on top of the plants and not under a rock of something.

    I looked inside, there was an empty cavity (I think the other fish ate out all the insides)!

    What is this mystery illness? My other fish didn't have it...Or do they?
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    If it's the same swollen belly that I have, it's from drinking beer ;-)
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    Here is some info I found on Dropsy:

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: varies with organism

    COMMON NAME(S): Dropsy

    SYMPTOMS: Swollen belly, usually with scales protruding at a 90 degree angle. Redding of vent area, and long, pale feces.

    ORGANISM: Bacterial, viral infections or nutritional disorder.

    TOC: No effective treatment. Remove affected fish to quarantine tank and give the best possible food and water quality. If fish does not improve, euthanasia may be in order.

    OTA: none

    Joe Hackman
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    I think that dropsy is DEFINITELY what my fish have....

    Now, I can get rid of the sick fish, but what spreads it, and what can I do to stop or prevent this from happening to the other fish?

    When do I know its gone?

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    Dropsy is not an easy condition to cure due to not knowing what is causing it. The best course of action is to isolate the fish (to stop the spread of the problem if it is bacterial in nature) and feed an antibacterial medicated food at 3% of the estimated fishes body weight per day for 7 days. If it is a bacterial condition, this should cure it. If a cue is not effected, then it is possible that this condition is caused by kidney failure or other genetic malfunction.

    Frank M. Greco
    Professional Aquarist
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    Sorry about your mollie. I have had several fish die from dropsy and I would have to say that's the worst illness that I have ever seen a fish get. The easiest way to tell that they have dropsy other than the huge belly is to look at them from above and see if their scales are sticking out on their sides. It looks a lot like a pine cone. I have never had a fish survive it even with medication. I don't know if it's contagious. I have never had two fish get it at the same time. Thankfully I haven't had that problem in a very very long time. Good luck!

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