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    I have a Red Lobster for my son in a tank of its own with 2 rocks. When I was feeding him last night I noticed that there were little white things attached to his body that looked like parasites. kinda weird looking.. worm shaped and stuck to his (nose) and 1 to his leg. I am not so sure what this is or if it is harmful to him. Any information would make me happy.. please reply to kicker@adelphia.net
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    What you describe could possibly be an anchor worm or a leech. Both of these parasites can be removed with a tweezer if you're so inclined. Normally the treatment would be to use an organophosphorus insecticide, such as metriphonate. However, because this is on a lobster and not a fish I wouldn't recommend using something like that. You can try gradually adding aquarium salt to the water at the rate of 1 tablespoon/10 gallons of water which may have some effect on the parasites and shouldn't harm the lobster. Maintain the salt for a week or two and then stop using it when doing water changes. The salinity level will then gradually drop. Hope this helps.
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    thank you for the advise. My question is, How did he get this in the first place?. I have never noticed it before. and now he is specialed with it.. and the egss. I am sure it is a worm. cause it looks like the same thing I have seem on leaves before.

    Once again thank you.. and I am gonna do the salt method.. and start off w 2 tablespoons of salt
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    How did he get this in the first place?

    You don't say how long you've owned him but if you haven't had him too long perhaps he had them when you bought him?

    Generally, a fish or in this case, an invert, will succumb to parasites and/or disease when water quality deteriorates. Make sure you're doing regular partial water changes, vacuuming the gravel each time to get rid of any decaying food or poop.

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