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    I have a very similar problem to Kim Schiller ("Two brothers who hate each other), except occurring with two sisters, and in my case, I know why they are behaving this way. I lived with my allergic parents for a month (they had to stay in the tool shed), then they had to stay in a kennel for two weeks (totally against my wishes). I've had them checked out by the vet since, and they're healthy, but now that I'm in my new house and they're with me, their behavior is getting worse. What to do?!?!
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    Wow! I feel sorry for your poor kitties... what a stressful time they have had. I'm glad you have had them checked by the vet and that they are healthy.

    My suggestion is that you approach the problem the way we would deal with the introduction of a new cat to the home.....

    Begin by separating the sisters. Keep each one in her own room for a couple of weeks, letting only one out at a time. While this is going on, reintroduce each other's scents to the cats by rubbing one with a towel and then leaving the towel with the other, and by petting one (especually along the mouth so you can get some real good scent) and then immediately going to pet the other.

    After the 2 weeks of separation, I would begin brief introductions in which you give each cat a special treat (tuna) at separate ends of the kitchen. Each day move the bowls a little closer until they are able to eat next to eachother without fighting.

    Once the cats are eating together try playing with them together. Get two "Cat Dancers" or toy fishing poles with feathers attached. Play with them on opposite sides of you and as they become more involved with catching the toy, start bringing them closer and closer together.

    By doing the special treat feedings and playing together, the cats learn to assciate good things with the presence of the other cat and stop hating each other.

    Keep in mind that this might take several weeks, but if you are slow and patient, I'm pretty sure the girls will soon be friends again.

    Good luck!!!
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